The inglish gay

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1.1 AREA: Humanidades

1.2 CONTEXT: English
According to the community in XXXXXXXXXX School (students, parents, teachers) it is necessary to work on the four principal skills of English as a foreign language. The idea is to develop and to improve listening, writing, reading and mainly speaking that is the way most usefulin our country and around the world.

 Secondary English Teacher
 Primary English Teacher
 Pre school English teacher


The language like ability is the basic tool for the expression of the feeling and the individual’s thoughts inside a social group. But in this case English as a foreign language is no tour mother tongue but in the same wayis very important to know it, but why? Because now a day we live in a mobile world, the technology is increasing each moment and English is the most important language around the world. For this reason, English area seeks to develop all four skills in order to the students have the competence to interact with people in different countries an cultures who speak English as a second, foreignlanguage and mother tongue.

Colombia is a country which people speak Spanish as a mother tongue; there is not a second language involved in our culture like other countries that are bilingual. It makes that English teaching and learning is more difficult, because there is not a real context where students can improve or develop the correct use of the language. As teachers, we have a hard andimportant responsibility in our job with the students; we are the responsible people of give an adequate environment for the teaching and learning.

Actually, English is the most important language in the world, all the business, technology, advance scientific are given by American and English people, they have the highest level of life and education, they are the most powerful countries, all the worldround around them, that means that all the international information is in English.

When the human being born, born with to bias toward the sociability and the members that society made. This process achieves it starting from the apprehension or interpretation of objective events when it expresses meanings, that to say, when it apprehends of the world its significant and social reality.When the person is adapting to the characteristic significance systems of the culture and it has immersed in that, enters in to dialogue or interaction that it contributes him the necessary elements to build his reality. This task of socialization of the fellow corresponds to the Education, so much relative, social and school; therefore the school environment is one of the most fundamental spacesof formation of the cultural identities and in this marries the function of the school dog not only be the transmission of knowledge but rather it should be constituted ace to significant part of the process of the social reproduction.

In terms of" Luis Angel Baena", the assimilation of the maternal language conceived like to process of the boy's progressive integration in the verbal communityand, it is from there, since it takes conscience by itself, of the social and cultural reality that belongs and it promotes with its existence.

This conception of the teaching of the English language opens us the possibility to work around the uses of this, without centering us, like it was previously only made in the language like abstract system. The perspective of the uses allows us to you,If you investigate yourself for the multiple senses and interpretations generated in present communication acts in talkative situations. Likewise the curricular limits for the English Language, recapture the foundations of Curricular the Renovation in that it has to do with the language conceptions, significance and communication, like plows constituted in the bases that you elaborate...
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