The inglorious basterds

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Chapter 1. "Long ago in occupied France"

in France in 1941, a poor farmer named Perrier Lapatite, was visited by SS Colonel Hans Landa, nicknamed "the hunting Jews," accompanied by a group ofGerman soldiers.

Landa, believed hiding in his house Lapatite a Jewish family, and makes a few questions. Lapatite try to trick you by saying that the family went to Spain, but for the fear that heand his family were killed confesses that hides under the floor.

Then, Landa makes the soldiers enter and shoot them down and kill nearly all members of the family, but, a girl named Shoshana,escapes running.

Chapter 2. "Inglourious Basterds."

Lt. Aldo Raines in the U.S., explains, 8 soldiers their intention to form a group of Jewish American soldiers, to kill all who wear the uniform ofthe Nazis.
The actions of "Inglourious Basterds" unhinged Hitler, who is tired of the rumors, about Aldo Raines, and "Bear Jew" (a member of the group).

One day the Fuhrer, receives a visit fromone of its soldiers who described how they were ambushed by "Inglourious Basterds."

the soldier counts as Aldo, try to patrol soldiers captured, betray the positions of the troops who seek to "TheBloody Bastards" and given a choice between point on a map the positions or be killed by the "Bear Jew ".

the first one refuses and is beaten to death by "The Bear Jew" (Donny Donovich) with a bat.The second shot down by a fall, and the third has just confessed Nazis positions (this is omitted to Hitler for not not shoot him), before Aldo let him free, he decides to label the front so everyoneknows that he is a Nazi.

Chapter 3:

in 1944 in France, a German soldier, Frederick Zoller speaks with a French girl. This girl is identified as Emmanuel Mimieux (but really is Shoshana).

Thenext day, the girl is drinking his coffee in a cafe, where F. Zoller, goes to talk to her and strike up a conversation in which she tries to explain he is not interested. But is interrupted by German...
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