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The Internet Has Changed Our World
In the information age also commonly known as digital revolution, the Internet is the technological medium that is transforming our lifestyles. We must recognize that the Internet has become really in something indispensable for our lives that has changed our world forever, in a positive way. Through the Internet we can do practically all our activities daily,because it is present at our homes, jobs, businesses, government, places of education such as high schools and universities, and almost anywhere where we are. Undoubtedly, today it is difficult to imagine life without the Internet.
The Internet is freely available, which means to have access to all knowledge and learning of the entire world. Its impact on the world has grown notably, and no onecan deny that it has affected almost everyone, in some positive way. The Internet definitely does things to everyone, and does not leave us the same as we once were. But how has the Internet changed our lives for the better? If we look carefully around us, we could understand that most activities we do daily are related with the Internet, therefore, most people surely would agree that theInternet is something required and important for our lives. In fact, our world isn’t exactly the same as centuries ago; the people’s life, economy, communication and education have changed. Today, it does not matter what type of method we use for getting our goals, what really matters today is productivity and efficiency. In this scene, the Internet plays an important role, as a perfect medium ofconnection and a useful tool to improve and simplify each activity we do every day. In other words, the daily Internet use is just a reflection of our own evolution as human beings.
Today, everyone is talking about user ID’s, e-commerce, and Internet shopping. Likewise, everyone asks for your e-mail address or social accounts name like Facebook, My Space or Twitter. Most business firms, stores,organizations, and government institutions can be found on the Internet. According my criteria, today, social networking, communication, shopping, banking, academic research, and entertainment are the major reasons why people use the Internet daily, and therefore, these also are some causes of why we are dependent on it. Each time more we make activities that are involved into using the Internet. Inthis sense, according Digital Divide article, “In recent years, computers and the Internet have become indispensable parts of daily life for a growing number of people. Research, banking shopping and communication are increasingly being done online, and the means and knowledge to access the relevant technology are seen as valuable assets in the job market.” Effectively, the Internet has created newways for people to communicate, congregate, and share information of a social nature, which results something good for current society
Every day we can see, for example, how the Internet allows users to apply for courses online, resulting very convenient and appropriate for people that live far away from homes. Businesses rely on the internet for web marketing and advertising, since webmarketing is a lot less expensive than other forms of media. Moreover, using of the Internet is a great way to view our bank transactions free of charge, thus online banking is affordable, ideal and convenient. In fact, according to the article Internet Filtering Software, “The Internet is a revolutionary vehicle for the transmission of information. In the past several years, the range of content on theInternet has exploded, and proficiency in the use of the Internet for a variety of purposes has become almost universal. Facilitating research, communication and entertainment, the Internet has become a staple of modern life.” In making this reference, it is essential to say that the Internet is highly positive in all aspect our lives, being a very useful tool for us, something that does more...
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