The invisible man

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Chapter 10
Mr. Marvel walked along the road to the next town, carrying the three books and the blue packet. The Invisible Man walked next to him.
Don’t try to escape from me again, or I’ll kill you! “said the Invisible Man.
I didn’t try to escape!” protested Mr. Marvel.
Everything is going wrong, the invisible Man said. Everybody will try to find me. What can I do?
I can’t help you, saidMr. Marvel “I think…”
“shut up ,or I’ll hit you again. You’ll do as I tell .You’re an idiot, but you can help me “
At ten o’clock the next morning, Mr. Marvel sat in front of a little hotel outside a small town. The books were next to him on the step. He was very nervous.
After some time ,a man with a newspaper in his hand sat down next to Mr. Marvel and started to talk to him. He was curiousabout this dirty little vagabond who had three big books. The man pointed to the books.
You can read about extraordinary things in books , he said .And in newspapers.
He told Mr. Marvel about the report of the Invisible Man in the newspaper.
Does the newspaper say if he has friends? Asked Mr. Marvel anxiously.
“No” answered the man.”One invisible man is sufficient! All the time that theyspoke, Mr. Marvel looked around anxiously, listening for noises, trying to see any movements.
Finally , he said in a very quiet voice “The fact is –I know things about this Invisible Man. He…..”
Suddenly he shouted in pain .
What’s the matter? Asked the man.
Nothing replied Mr. Marvel. He took the books from the step.”I must go ,” he said.
Wait a minute! Said the man. You wanted to tell meabout this invisible Man . You….”
But Mr. Marvel was already on the road, walking with strange ,quick steps, as if someone pulled him along.
Chapter 11
That evening , several men were in the bar of the hotel in the little town. Suddenly the door opened and Mr. Marvel rain in. He had the books and he was terrified.
He’s coming! He shouted . The Invisible Man is coming. I escaped fromhim! He’ll kill me! Help me ! Help me !
The men closed the doors. There was a tremendous bang on the door, and then knocking and shouting outside. The barman told Mr. Marvel to hide behind the bar.
“Please don’t open the door! Mr. Marvel screamed.
Suddenly they heard a window break. One of the men in the bar took a pistol from his pocket.
Are all the doors of the hotel locked?” asked Mr.Marvel.
He’s outside . Be careful.
They heard a door open and the barman ran out the bar.
He returned a moment later and his face was very pale. The back door wasn’t locked,” he said. He must be in the hotel now!
Suddenly , the men heard Mr. Marvel scream. They ran to help him. The man with the pistol fired it and broke the mirror behind the bar.
An invisible hand hit one of the men in theface and he fell to the ground, but another shouted, I’ve got him! Mr. Marvel tried to hide.
Someone stood on the invisible Man’s foot , and there was a shout of pain.
Where is he? Shouted one of the men .They ran into the garden, a stone flew by their heads and broke a window.
I’ll kill him! Shouted the man with the pistol, and he fired the pistol five times in the direction that the stonecame from. There was silence. Then the man with the pistol said, “someone get a light. We must find his body.”
Chapter 12
Dr. Kemp was a tall young man. His house was on a hill above the town. That evening he was in his study. He heard the gunshots and opened the window.
He looked out and saw the group of people outside the hotel. He stood there thinking. Then he closed the window andwent back to his work.
An hour later, there was a knock at the door. Dr. Kemp heard the servant answer the door, but she did not come upstairs to his room. He went to the stairs and called , “ Who was at the door? “ No one , sir,” she answered.
Dr. Kemp returned to his study and started and to work again. At two o’clock in the morning , he went downstairs to get something to drink.
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