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Aebersold JAZZ HANDBOOK Online

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For years, Jamey has given away a booklet called the "Jazz Handbook" FREE OF CHARGE. This resource is great for jazz fans and students of all levels. Now, he's decided to make most of it available online for download. Notethat in the interest of quicker downloads, some of the graphics-heavy pages will not be quite as sharp and clean as an actual hard copy of the handbook. You can always call 1-800-456-1388 and leave your request for a complete HARD COPY to be mailed to you anywhere in the world - (don't forget to give your name, address, and request for the "free jazz handbook"). Choose the articles you want todownload below - the approximate size of the file to download is listed for each one. They all are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you need the free Acrobat reader, go to: GENERAL INFORMATION, 17kb download Valuable Jazz Information, 19kb SOLOING by Jamey Aebersold, 16kb Jazz: The Natural Music, 46kb Suggested Listening - Jazz Artists, 20kbHistorically Significant Recordings, 23kb Tips For Learning A New Tune - PLUS - Practice Procedures For Memorizing Scales and Chords to Any Song, 16kb Practice Procedures - Musical Examples, 87kb SONG LIST for Beginners, 16kb SCALES, 57kb The SCALE SYLLABUS, 547kb NOMENCLATURE, 520kb The Dominant 7th Tree of Scale Choices, 17kb Ten Basic Exercises - TREBLE CLEF, 167kb Ten Basic Exercises - BASS CLEF,151kb TREBLE CLEF SCALES, 187kb BASS CLEF SCALES, 180kb Ear Training, 16kb Interval Chart, 18kb Basic Keyboard and the Chromatic Scale, 108kb The Circle or Cycle of Fourths - PLUS - Scales/Modes Based on the Major Scale, 60kb HOW TO PRACTICE by Jerry Coker - PLUS - HOW TO PRACTICE by David Liebman, 17kb Things That Create Interest When Soloing - PLUS - Starting A Phrase or Melody, 16kb JazzARTICULATIONS, 78kb Jazz RHYTHMS, 96kb The BLUES SCALE and Its Use, 44kb F BLUES and Bb BLUES PROGRESSIONS: (1 de 2) [19/02/2002 22:35:40]

Aebersold JAZZ HANDBOOK Online

For TREBLE CLEF C Instruments - PLUS - For Bb Instruments, 130kb For Eb Instruments - PLUS - For BASS CLEF C Instruments, 132kb PLAYING THE BLUES - PLUS - What Does "To Hear"Really Mean?, 98kb VARIATIONS ON BLUES, 286kb Values -- Plato Quote -- Bill Evans Quote, 37kb BEBOP CHARACTERISTICS by David Baker, 21kb Short List of Bebop Players - PLUS - BEBOP SCALES, 6kb Transposition Chart - PLUS - Two Interesting Short Stories, 19kb Jamey's JAZZ THEORY ASSIGNMENTS, 93kb II/V7/I Progression with Emphasis On The 7th Resolving To The 3rd, 111kb PIANO VOICINGS: Blues Voicings,136kb Major and Dominant 7th Voicings, 128kb II/V7/I Voicings, 424kb Jamey's POINTS TO REMEMBER, 34kb

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This booklet is designed to give you the basics which youwill need in order to learn the art of improvising in music. Many feel that people who improvise or play jazz are special. If they are special, it is because they have spent their time wisely learning the tools of the trade. A few of the tools are: scales, chords, patterns, licks, songs (standards and originals), training the ear, listening to records of jazz greats and any other thing which theyfeel will contribute to the growth of a well-rounded musician. I feel it is good to establish a practice routine, especially for those of you who are new to learning the language of jazz. To play jazz requires discipline, and discipline is good for all of us. The language of jazz or the jazz idiom is in a constant state of flux. In order to be a part of the jazz movement one must accept change....
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