The joneses

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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2011
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The Joneses

People always want to have more and more stuff. They do not think is the product is useful or not. They buy it because their favorite actor or their neighbor has it and they want tobe cool like the people who have it. Corporations know that people do not want to be “the loser” in their school or job. That is why corporation make all the advertisements about normal people oruse celebrities.
Normally, when someone has a cellphone better than yours, the only thing in your mind is that you want that cellphone no matter what you have to do it for it. I have to admit thatsometimes I find myself thinking like that. Corporations want us to buy their products so if they use a celebrity that we love, we going to buy their product. That happened to me with a Rice KrispiesTreats Snack. I was searching for some information from my favorite artist, Demi Lovato, and I read something about she like that snack. For some reason, one week later my mom and I went to thegrocery store and I took a Rice Krispies Treats box and I bought it. I did not remember in that moment about the information that I found but later I realized that fact about her influenced me to boughta snack. That is the way I was thinking and I know that a lot of people are thinking in the same way that I did. This sounds ridiculous but is the way that things are. This happens with a littlething like a snack and happens, too, with a TV flat screen. Is the fact that people want the greatest things to impress others and prove them that they are in good life social position.
I do notbelieve that in real life are families like the “Joneses”. Corporations do not have to pay people for present a lifestyle with the purpose to influence the other people who are around them. When peoplesee others with better things they got impress and they begin to buy those things. Is like a competition. A competition about who is the coolest one around there. People want to be that person....
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