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1.- Characters:
- Amir: He is the protagonist, also the narrator and the story revolves around him. He had an easy life because he was rich but everything changed since he watched Hassan's rape. Heruns away from his sins and tries to have a new life at America and burry his past.
- Hassan: Secondary character. Amir's loyal friend and slave. He is used as an object and discriminated by othersfor being a Hazara. Helps Amir in everything he cans and dies fighting deffending Baba's house. The only character that never hid something from others neither that sinned.
- Assef: sociopath thatworships Hittler. Bullies Amir for being Hassan's friend and rapes Hassan as revenge. When he grows up enjoys killing people and having kids as sex servants. Buys Sohrab and has him as a sex servant. Healso represents, at the end, the final monster, the last obstacle for evading the past.
- Soraya: Amir's new world. A woman that sinned but searched for redemption and achieves it. She is Amir'shappiness at America. Amir's wife and with her he tries to burry his past, but he can't.
- Sohrab: Hassan's son. Used as a sex servant by Assef. Tries to kill himself because he thinks he is a "dirtyboy". Difficoult childhood. Affraid of forgetting his parents.
2.- Setting
The setting is physical and abstract at the same time. Physical because we have the cities and towns, the houses and alleys;but, each of this could reppresent something. To me they reppresent Amir's way for achieving redemption. First we have Kabul in general, his childhood town, and it reppresents a simple life untilHassan's rape. Then we have America that in most novels reppresents that way out of the problems and the feeling of having another oportunity to have a new life. Finally we have Afganistan, Kabul again,but as a destroyed and corrupted place that represents Amir's past haunting him and his chance to "be good again" as Rahim Khan said. This Kabul is his reality and his last chance to achieve...
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