The kite runner

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Amir: We are able to see a new Amir in this section of the book, Amir realizes that the only way to let his guilt go away is by helpingHassan´s son, Sohrab. Rahim Khan makes him realize this by telling him there is still a way to make thing right, so Amir is capable of doing any sacrifice to found Sohrab and give him a better life.He is also capable of telling Soraya what really happened with Hassan, what makes him feel better about his guilt.
Assef: He was Hassan and Amir´s bully when they were young; and now he owns Sohrab asa slave. Amir has to fight with him to get Sohrab back, and he almost died in the fight. Assef is now a Taliban Adherent.
Sohrab: He is Hassan´s son; he is very similar to his father, in hispersonality and his physical appearance. He helped Amir when he was fighting with Assef, with a slingshot, just as Hassan did many years before. He tries to commit suicide when Amir tells him the only wayto go to America with him y by staying some days at the orphanage, even though he had promised him he would never go back there again. Finally he goes to America with Amir, who treats him as he was hisown son.
Farid: He is a driver that takes Amir to look for Sohrab. At first he discriminates him because he ran away from Afghanistan, saying he is not a real afghan, and that he will always be aforeigner in his own country, but when he realizes the reason why Amir is back, he appreciates him, and they become good friends.

Kabul: In this section we see a very different Kabul thatthe one we saw before, now it is ruled by the Talibans, who have destroyed the city where Amir had lived his childhood. Baba´s house is abandoned, which shows that the destruction is severe. The housethat once was one of the prettiest houses in Kabul, now was nothing else that an abandoned one.

“For you, a thousand times over, I heard myself say.” (Chpt 25, pg 371)
This is a very...
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