The koala

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A species is considered endangered when its existence is committed globally. This may be both direct predation on the species and the disappearance of a resource on which itdepends, both by human action, due to changes in habitat, by gradual changes in climate.

Many nations have laws to protect species that depend on their preservation to exist, for example the ban onhunting.

The extinction of a species is irreparable and, at the present, irreversible, affecting directly or indirectly through the food chain and eventually the human being.

The mainand most endangered animals are known: The
Panda, Koala, the Puma, the Gorilla, the Lynx, the Condor, the Tatu Carreta and the tiger, among others.

The Koala

Common nameof a marsupial arboreal, where its appearance resembles of a teddy bear with very quiet habits similar to those of a sloth, an animal really beautiful and friendly.

The Koala comes to have a bodylength of 76 cm., The body is stocky, is covered with thick fur, soft and gray. His head is large and round, and has hairy ears and rounded.
The hind legs are short, with big feet and have fivefingers, each hand has five fingers also where two of them are opposed to the other three, each finger has a strong and big claws.
The hind feet have no claws on the middle finger and the second and thirdtoes are fused to form a hook that can be drawn with ticks, of which very often suffer

These features make the koala is perfect for arboreal life and is easily observed in the eucalyptus forests ofeastern Australia that constitute its only habitat.

A distinction between a male and a female is the male's scrotal sac. Females are identified by the bag or pouch. In addition, they are usuallymore beautiful, which is due to her features and her stature is smaller. Adult males can be twice as large as adult females and, in addition to the curvature of the nose more pronounced, the shape...
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