The lack of knowledge

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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“Hey Daddy look at me!” To most of my friends not having cable in my home is preposterous if not ludicrous. I enjoy investing the time that I would have spend on watching “Survivor”and being more productive and investing that time in my kids. I find that days pass quickly and small milestones are accomplished everyday, events that I do not intend to miss. To be quite honest, Ifind that I do not have to watch TV because my children are more interesting than what any show, movie or program can provide.
A good example of entertainment would be their imaginary play. Theytake on roles as doctors, teachers, and heroes. All characters that I encourage and sometimes take lead roles in. In the moments of imaginary play I see that the characters that they choose both inspireand promote positive traits and personal confidence. Imagination is a powerful tool that molds and shapes their minds, confidence, and helps them become better adults. In just a few moments ofparticipating in their fun, I get more entertainment in ten minutes than two hours of any movie and a bit of a work out too.
A rather new activity that my children have picked up and find quite enjoyable,has been reading and writing. They both overrun me with requests of reading various books. I have read everything from The Cat in the Hat to Frankenstein novels. Mind you that my children are onlyone and five years old. I get much more amusement sitting in my sons room on a bean bag reading horror or animal stories than being flopped on the couch doing absolutely nothing productive with my kids.Teaching them writing skills and how to read grasp my attention more than what is showing on the idiot box, that’s what I call the TV. One of the many reasons that I find my children so entertainingis because I’m molding them into productive young adults who I will eventually inspire to become something great in the future.
The make-believe world that enthralls my house keeps me coming home...