The lake princesses

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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The Lake Princesses
Once upon there were two beautiful princesses whom, when still young, had been kidnapped by a hostile King. The King arranged to have them to forgotten lake were abandoned on asmall island. Here they were to remain forever, guarded by a terrifying lake monster.
Queen: Oh, my dear husband. Do not do that, please! Think of our son. He deserves to live a kingdom ofpeace.
King: No, my decision is already taken, the prince was turned into monster and the princesses will be kidnapped. Warlocks do your job
Witch: We must obey the orders of our king.
Warlock: Here Ihave the potion that will make the Prince into a sea monster.
Guess: When the spell is broken the princesses will be released by the prince.
Only when the wicked King and his court of wizards andfortune-tellers had been overthrown did it become knows that a brave Prince was destined to liberate the Princesses from their captivity.
When the wind carried this island, it filled the Princesses’lives with hope. The youngest, who was much sweeter and more beautiful than her sister, patiently waited for her love, making small decorations from flowers and clay, and singing love songs
PrincessChild: I’m pretty? I must be beautiful for when the prince that will marry me.
Fairy Child: Of course, you are beautiful don’t doubt of your beauty.
The older Princess, however, didn’t enjoy havingto wait.
Princess Mayor: I will have to do something to help the Prince rescue me. At least so he knows where I am. Of he knows what the lake monsters like.
Fairy Mayor: Yes, of course, we can makefires, build towers and dig tunnels, all to facilitate the arrival of the Prince.
Determined to help the Prince, she set to work, making signal fires, building towers, digging tunnels and thousandother things. However, the terrible lake monster always did his best to scupper her plans.
As time went on, the older sister felt increasingly uncomfortable. She knew the Prince would choose the...
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