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THESIS: Randy Pausch was diagnosing with pancreatic cancer, a terminal illness; however, he decided to fight for his family, and adopted a positiveattitude for them.
1.Pausch was diagnosing with pancreatic cancer.
a.CT scans showed that he had pancreatic cancer, the most dangerous cancer.
2.He had accepted a brutal treatment because he hopedhe could cure and have more time with his family.
a.He received a chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
I.As part of the surgery, the doctor removed his tumor and a third part of his pancreas.II.He spent two months at MD Anderson Cancer Center, receiving a brutal treatment. This treatment caused him to lose weigh and it was hard to walk for him.
III.His CT scans showed no cancer.3.Although his treatment did not work and that he had only a few months left of life, he decided to enjoy the rest of his life for his family.
a.His CT scans showed ten tumors, the cancer hadmetastasized his liver.
b.He had only three to six months of life before he die.
c.He decided to enjoy the life that he had left for his family.
I.He remembered what he had told Jai in the waterpark that it did not matter what the results were, he felt good to be alive with her.
II.He thought about Jai’s smile and he knew that this was a good reason to be alive.

THESIS: Pausch received an email that was very significant to him and made him to realize that life could still be good.
1.Robbee Kosak, Carnegie Mellon’s vicepresident told Randy a story in her email.
a.She saw a man in a convertible.
b.The man had a slight smile, happy in his own thoughts.
c.He looked content and in peace.
d.She looked at theman, and she noticed that it was Randy Pausch
2.Randy made Robbe realized what life is about.
3. Although Randy had a terminal illness, he realized that life is good and that he was doing well.
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