The last picture critique

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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“Human suffering has become a spectator sport”. With this opinion in mind, James Alexander Thom, a writer, newspaper editor and award-winning author, wrote the narrative The Perfect Picture, a storythat proves the lack of respect for privacy that we have these days and the loss of sensitivity for other people’s suffering. The lesson he teaches us should serve as a model or example for doing theright thing always.
In here, Thom narrates the story of a man that accidentally killed his granddaughter, his role in it as a police reporter and the lack of respect for privacy these days. Thetragic event happened one spring morning at the family house. The grandfather had accidentally backed his pickup truck over his granddaughter and had killed her. The author went to the scene, as he wasa police reporter, and describes the situation around the accident and in the house. He gets the chance to go inside to where the grandfather was and witnesses as the man proceeds to hug hisgranddaughter’s body, which was resting on a table, and remain motionless. At that moment the author could’ve taken a photograph of this image, but decided not to out of respect for the man’s grief, and stillfeels right about what he did.
In The Perfect Picture the author states that he couldn’t take the photograph of the grandfather’s suffering because he would be intruding in his moment of grief.Had he taken the picture he would have violated the poor man’s right of privacy and one of the last moments he would’ve had with his granddaughter. Decisions like this are not supposed to be difficult,as we are supposed to respect others’ suffering just as we would like our moments of grief or despair to be respected. But, like the author said: “Human suffering has become a spectator sport”, sincewe need to see other people in pain to think that we’re doing okay and fine. We need to see that in order to feel better about ourselves and our situations. These are times were people only think...