The legend of the scarecrow

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  • Publicado : 5 de abril de 2010
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Once upon a time, there was a scarecrow, a scarecrow who had no friends. He worked in a wheat field. The work wasn´t very difficult, butindeed, it was very lonely. Days and nights passed by with no one to talk to. The only thing he could do was to look at the birds. Each time they flew by, he´d wave at them. But they never answeredhim. They flew away as if they were afraid of him. One day, the scarecrow did something forbidden. He offered a bird some seeds. But even so, the bird didn´t seem to care. The scarecrow wondered whynobody wanted to be his friend. And so time went by until, one cold night, a blind crow fell at his feet. The crow was shivering and starved to death. The scarecrow decides to take care of him.After several days, the blind crow got better. The scarecrow told the crow how he wrapped the bird in a scarf and gave him seeds to eat. Before the crow flew off the scarecrow asked why the birds neverwanted to be friend with the scarecrows. And the crow explained that the job of the scarecrows was to scare the poor birds. They are evil and despicable… monsters! Humiliates, the scarecrow replied:“it´s not true! Take me, for example.” “I’m not evil, and I’m a scarecrow.” And one more time, the scarecrow was left with no friends. That same night, he took a decision. The scarecrow wantedanother job he no longer wanted to frighten birds. Seeing his scarecrow talking, the farmer screamed. Terrified, the farmer woke up all his neighbors. He told everyone that his scarecrow had come aliveand that could only be the work of the devil. The scarecrow was screaming but nobody did care except a few crows flying around. One of them was the blind crow. His friends told him that the villageswere burning a windmill where a scarecrow with a very long scarf was trying to hide. Then, the blind crow told them that he was the good scarecrow who saves him his life. Moved by the story, the...
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