The lesson in both story

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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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Thursday, February 25, 2010                                                            
The lesson in both stories
What is a lesson? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, a lesson is “something learned for one’s safety.” The “Eleven” is a story where one girl, Rachael,is accused by her teacher, Mrs. Price, because she thought that the ugly sweater that was lost was Rachael’s. Mrs. Price embarrassed Rachael in front of all the class. Then when the real owner of thesweater, Phyllis Lopez, accepts that the ugly jacket was her own, the teacher does not do anything and does not apologize. The other story is “The Blanket.”   It presents another problem because itis about a boy, Petey, who was very sad because his father was sending “away’’ his granddad. He knew because his father bought a blanket to give to his father and this has a meaning that the granddadneeds to leave their home and live in a nursing home. Then when granddad need go, Petey wanted to cut the blanket in two and then said to his father, “That I’ll give half to you, Dad when you’re oldand I’m sending you away.” Then Petey’s father  understands that he should not send away his father because he does not want this when he is old. These two stories have a lesson that makes us reflectabout our values. One is about some people do not recognize the consequence about our errors, another is about the golden rule.
The lesson of “Eleven’’ is when some people make a mistake and thenthey do not accept their errors and do not offer an apology to the other person that is affected and this have a consequences. Mrs. Price makes an error when she humiliates Rachael in the front ofthe class. Rachael does not say anything to defend herself because maybe she feels inferior to all the children in her class. When Mrs. Price humiliates Rachael, she starts to feel inferior and this...