The little boy that could

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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Daniel Alvarenga
November 24,2009
The Little Boy that Could
      When I was a little boy, playing with toys was one of my favorite hobbies. I could play for almost the whole day without getting tired. Those were some of the greatest days of my life. It was very fun to play all day with my toys. One particular day though, I had an adventure that would be memorable and that I wouldremember for the rest of my life.
      It all started a Friday in the afternoon. I was playing with my little toys that day. That particular day I was playing with my toy airplane which was perhaps what started all the adventures I had on that day. While I was played in my room very happily my mom suddenly entered the room and said, “You should clean your room before you continue playing, or elsethe Red Baron is going to come and kidnap you for being such a bad boy.”
      “That is not possible, he is already dead” I said; “I won’t fall for those tricks again, I am a big kid now!” I exclaimed.
      “That doesn’t mean you have to stop doing your chores,” my mom retorted, “You can still get punished for not doing them,” she said as she looked at me with very serious eyes. She then made aconcerned face, as if she was trying to convince me that if I didn’t do my chores I would get punished. Then she said, “Oh well, you’ll find out either the easy way or the hard way.”
      “Pfft” I said, trying to act all heroic and unconcerned of the threats that she had just told me.
      “Well, suit yourself.” She said. As she was told me these words I realized that maybe she was going to bethe one that would punish me, so my face started to show signs of concern at that moment. I thought that she would take away my toys or simply force me to go to sleep, which for me was as severe as being in jail for a whole year. When she saw the concern in my face, a smirk appeared on her face. So she simply left of my room and closed the door, watching me with a face as that looked if she had wona war or something.
      As I realized that she wasn’t going to punish me, I put on a face of triumph because I had just gotten out unscathed from this argument.  Then the thoughts that the Red Baron was going to be the one that would punish me passed through my mind. I tried to act as if I wasn’t scared and started to do a fake laugh, trying to show my disbelieve in it, but deep inside I stillfelt that I could still get punished.
So I said, to reassure myself; “as if that could really happen.” So then I proceeded to play with my toy airplane.
      Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind in my room, which seemed impossible because the whole room was closed, including the windows.  Then the wind continued to blow stronger and stronger. Even leaves appeared out of nowhere flying all,over my room and then dust started to appear. The wind was so strong that I was forced to close my eyes, but when I opened them back again I was out in a field. I then heard in the sky several gun shots and as I looked up, I noticed a plane coming towards me. As the plane very close, I could see that the plane was red; at the sight of this my whole body stood petrified.  I didn’t know what to doat that moment so I stood still hoping that nothing bad would happen, as the plane got very close to me I noticed a big arm come out of the plane, then the next thing that happened was that the arm suddenly grabbed me and forced me onto the plane. I could see a ghostly figure flying the plane. I noticed that the ghostly figure had a German helmet with a spike on the top. I noticed that I was on ared biplane, which was the type of plane that was used by the Red Baron. The name of the plane… Albatross. Hoping that it was a different person, I was able to gather all my courage to ask, “Who are you?” in a very scared tone.
      “I’m the Red Baron, legendary ace pilot of The Great War. I was known for my great combat techniques and the huge amount of planes I took down” the ghost replied. As...
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