The lonely soldier

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Mr. Thompson:
As you know our country is having a hard time, all men older than 27 are being collected to serve in the USA army. You have been elected. We´ll pick you up in Washington downtown on Monday 27 August 1943.
We´ll see you
American Infantryman Direction

- Oh my God! I can´t believe this, I don´t want to go war, I don´t want to leave my family…
John Thompson was a34 years old man; he was married to Anne Becker, they had made a happy family composed by 2 boys and one little girl, they were happy, even though the whole world was living hard times, it was Second World War time. John was against war, and against killing innocent people for political reasons, he only hate that.
- Anne I can´t go, we should escape by tomorrow morning; you know what I thinkabout war! Imagine me living all those awful situations.
- John hear me! We can´t escape. We are not fugitives. Your nation needs you, and you don´t know… maybe you can make a change in there; maybe you can take love, and hope to all those people that have been in war since 1940. Of course I´ll miss you a lot! But imagine, you have a family, you know what´s going to happen if you are not where theyask you to be, by the time they ask. Our family will suffer a lot.
- Maybe you are right. But Anne place yourself in my shoes by a second; my oldest kid is only 7 years old. I plan to see him grow up, being married, and know I need to go to a war; all my life plans have change in few seconds!
Anne stood up from the table, and hugged him; she started crying, and asked him to make what he thoughtbetter. She had a sad look in her eyes. Of course she also had great plans for her life, and in all her plans her husband was involved.
John and Anne went to bed, they talked all night, they said what they thought, how they felt, and one delicate matter, how they were going to give the notice to their children. John asked Anne to be strong; he told her that while she looked strong, kids alsoshould be strong. Anne cried all night while she hugged and kissed him. Of course she was imaging the worst; she and her husband knew many soldiers that had died. She was terrified about the idea of her husband going to war, but what can she do? It was the government; she knew that if John escapes, they will live their life as fugitives.

- Daddy, wake up!! Look the sky, mommy, daddy, please wakeup!

Anne and John woke up and went where little John was. Besides the window was a rainbow, when both adults watch it, they hugged and kissed. They decided that it was time to talk to the children.
- John –said Anne - can you bring please Anton, and Julie, dad needs to talk to you.
- Yes mom, I´m going
- This is going to be hard you know - said John
- Yes I know, but I trust you

-Here are they mommy
- Thank you baby.

- We need to give you a notice - said John - I´m leaving you for a while, I´m embarking on a trip.
- But, are you returning? – Ask Anton
- Of course he is, and we will be waiting for him, won´t us? - asked Anne
- Yes we are, but daddy can I go with you – said Johnny
- No, because if you leave with me, who is taking care of mom? Remember you are the bigboy of the house, aren´t you?
- Yes, but I´ll miss you a lot, how long are you leaving Dad?
- I don´t know, but I promise that I´ll be writing for you every week, you like it?
- Yes, yes! Daddy please don´t forget us, we won´t forget you!
- Ok! It´s time to go to school, so go and put on the uniform, the bus is arriving so be quick kids!

Kids went to school, and Anne and John stayed at home.John advised to the place he worked that he was going to war. Anne helped John packing his suitcase because the day was arriving; it was only 2 days far.
Those two days were the shortest days in Thompson’s family. The day had arrived and John was physically prepared for war, but mentally he was devastated, he was really sad of leaving his family, his country, his roots.
- We´ll be waiting for...