The lost room

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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The Lost Room

Sincerely I don't know if I would kill The Occupant since he is another person, but I would do everything to get my daughter back. In a fast answer I would say yes, becausenothing is more important than my daughter, so I'll do it.

I would do it because first of all it's my daughter and The Occupant told me he wanted to die because if you are an object you can't die,nor be destroyed. I think being an object could be kind of funny at first but then things became worse, all your family will be growing and you will stay the same until you die, and for dying you needto be in the room. I would just recover my daughter, and get the key for something I would want, I think that in 20 years more or less I would be bored of doing always the same thing and seeing allthe environment becomes older and I just would be same as always.

But, if I would do that, it would be just in the only case that it's the only way I could get my daughter back. Before of choosing ifdo it or not, I will search for an object that could return you to the past or something like that, it could be useful to bring my daughter back. Well not really "bring" her back, just to prevent herof going into the room and to be involved with the objects and just have a normal life like others.

Also by killing The Occupant is a risk I should take, because what happens if nobody remembersme or if I wouldn't get my daughter back, because I could live, knowing that nobody remembers me but without my daughter, it would be impossible to life knowing I have murdered someone, I amindestructible, and would never die, and knowing nobody remembers me at what happened before it would be erased from everybody's mind.

In conclusion, it would be a very, difficult decision I wouldn't beable to take a decision in that moment, because before I need to consider all the pros and cons. By now, I don't know what to choose until now, I bet that I would go for risking all my life just for...
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