The magic town

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The Magic Town
Once upon a time a king called José Calivllo that wanted to build a magic town in a valley to help his people because they were in disgrace by the arrival of the war of the Cristeros.One day, he went to sleep and dreamed that someone was building his desire, a magical town. In his dream, he saw fairies with their magic wand like if they were building a parish and he thought thatit was because a few days before, a goblin was arrived asking some elders for inn and the king realized that the next day had a Christ with a real size, so he thought that the goblin left it as athank you and then the fairies built the parish in the middle of the Valley and the people of the region gave the name of El Señor del Salitre.
When he woke up he found the town built just as he haddreamed without wars and beautiful landscapes. He realized that it was wonderful but he needed a finish touch, and it was the light because I was in the darkness, also some beautiful women for riders, tohelp at home while the men harvested guavas and King requested for his queen and indicated that every year would have an event of the most beautiful woman in the town, and it was called The Queen ofthe Guava and there the king would marry her if he was sure that she was the right woman.
He didn´t find that woman and every year this event was made, until that a year after many events, he wentalone and disconsolate because he didn´t find the woman and in that moment, his fairy godmother appeared and told him that the next year she will make his dream true. The king was very happy and thenext year a beautiful woman came to the town, her name was Karen, she left Calvillo a long time ago by the wars that were happening And after a time she came back because she knew that Calvillo was areal good place to live and when the king saw at her, he knew that she was the right woman and they fell in love each other at first sight, and for that reason Karen got into the contest to win his...
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