The man in the iron mask

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(the scene takes place in France, runs the year 2250, in the blackground have a land scape with mountains, the scene occursin a house.)

(in the scene appeared Aramis Porthos and D’Artagnan, they are chatting and drinking wine in a small table, the three musketeers have cylindrical blades of different colors.)Narrator: It was by night, and Aramis had invited to Porthos and D´artagnan to his house to tell them an important news.

Aramis: Friends the time of the fearsome dictator Louis has ended.

Porthos:But that what do you think to do this time?. It is not the first time that we put in he practises one of your plans to eliminate Louis.

Aramis: It is true, but this time it´s perfect, I havediscovered a secret that divided in two Louis's life.

D’Artagnan: But which is exactly the secret.

Aramis: I have found that twenty-five years ago when the queen was pregnant, she gave birth twins,but the king of that time, for fear of losing his social position, give the orders to eliminate one of them.

D’Artagnan: Oh interesting but what is the plan, if the information is true Louis brothermust be somewhere.

Porthos: But where from have you obtained this information Aramis?

Aramis: You know that I frequent enough to Madame Chevreuse, she gave me an important document, signed bythe royal family that dates back of twenty-five years behind, the document exposes that the queen that day gave birth twins.

Porthos: I surpriced, It’s necessary to look for the other twin, if theprophecy is true an inheritor comes to the crown that have to be reborn the land.

D’Artagnan: It’s true the first news already present “an inexplicable event was coming suddenly” the prophecy says.Aramis: It’s necessary to start looking for sky and land for the lost twin.


(The scene is devoloped in the same landscape, Aramis and D’Artagnan met Porthos,...
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