The media

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Everything that men see and hear affect, in certain way, the personal ideas and thoughts regarding a specific subject. We are exposed to the information that media give us and practically that is themajority of what we see and hear. I strongly believe that the media in general determine what is important to most people for the following reasons.

My prior reason is the subject of modesty. Themedia determine how important modesty is in people’s personal lives. The idea of the perfect woman was created by the media. Newspapers tell women how much they must weigh or what to eat to getskinnier. Movies tell people how to dress to different occasions. It is impressive how the power of the media have trespassed the limits of modesty principles in such a short time and it seems there isnothing we can do about it. However, there is a really small part compared to general media, for example, magazines like Maxim, Glamour, Vogue, etc portray woman as objects.

The media affect people’sbehavioral habits. Videogames make teenagers more aggressive. It is alarming the number of restricted videogames because the violence and sexual content exposed in those games. Teenagers becomeaddicted and start imitating the behavior of fictional characters. Love movies and soap operas also alter people’s feelings changing their behavior drastically. The media also create a standard of socialgroups and force people to fit into that standard. Religious media make people more kind and help them to change bad habits.

Another reason I think it’s important is that media determine the waypeople spend their money. They tell people what to wear, what kind of car or watch they must have according to their social status. The media shows products that are fashionable and persuades people tobuy those products even if it’s not within their means. In other words, media manipulate and force people to buy what they offer.

In conclusion, people’s decisions are deeply connected to the...
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