The metamorphosis

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Though difficult to interpret, this story can be decoded in several different ways. In my opinion, it is a really unusual and sad story which initiates with the transformation of the characterGregor from a man to one of the most repellent insects, a cockroach. But one who has read the story has to remember that prior to Gregor's transformation; he led a relatively boring life, which,coincidentally, did not differ greatly from the life of an insect. He concerned himself almost solely with his work, doing everything he could to provide for his family. Gregor did not have any real friendsor hobbies, and outside of his sister, maintained a distant relationship with his family. He was anything but a normal human being. Gregor does not turn into a cockroach; he simply recognizes that hehas been one for quite some time. That is when you have to ask, is Gregor himself having a transformation rather than that of his body? Yes, Gregor has changed physical form, but his essential beinghas not changed in any fundamental way. Gregor still has human feelings and needs, he still wishes to relate with his family and other members of society, and he still wishes to be responsible.However, his mother, father, and his sister have not changed form, but their transformations are the most profound because they demonstrate how easily one’s beliefs, values, and basic treatment of otherscan be compromised because of a failure to adapt to a new reality. Therefore, whose is the real metamorphosis?  While his family initially tries to accept him, his external characteristics affecttheir fair treatment of him. They react irrationally, exercising neither sympathy nor mercy in their response to his condition. They come to a point at which they can no longer connect the new Gregorwith the person he once was, and though only his physical characteristics have changed, they view him with disgust and without compassion. While Gregor is the family member who has become literally...
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