The minister’s black veil

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I. Vocabulary
1. A rock is an inanimate object.
2. We were thinking about the obscurity of the methods that have been followed.
3. The use of illegal narcotics is not only a destroyer of personalhealth but also an iniquity that undermines our society.
4. Unfortunately, the ostentatious search on the part of the United States for a better result undermines this positive compromise achievedtoday.
5. Pensively used as an adverb is very rare.
6. Considering the public's general antipathy toward journalists, the profession has come off surprisingly well in the movies.
7. The novelistconsulted a cousin, a mathematician, to make the action plausible.

II. Questions
1. Minister’s real reason for wearing the black veil.
Father Hooper wears a black veil over his eyes and nose,never revealing the reason of the veil to a soul. The veil might be secret sin. Father Hooper might have committed a very bad sin, which he does not want to unveil to anyone. Instead of not telling anyonethe sin he shows it clearly on his face with the aid of a black veil. In the story, Father Hooper says that everyone wears a black veil, meaning that everyone commits secret sins without revealingthem to anyone.
2. Effects of the Black Veil
Positive Effects
Mr. Hooper's sermon after donning the veil becomes more powerful as it "was tinged, rather more darkly than usual, with the gentlegloom of Mr. Hooper's temperament." It causes the congregation to become uneasy as they examine their own guilty consciences. Mr. Hooper becomes an "awful power" over people in the agony for sin. Hisconverts say that they were previously "behind him" with the veil. He acquires fame throughout New England and is known as Father Hooper. Father Hooper is considered "venerable, holy in deed andthought."
Negative Effects
The members of Mr. Hooper's congregation suspect him of trying to hide something. Some of the members of the church leave. They feel as if their private thoughts have been...
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