The mirabal sisters

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The Mirabal sisters, were four Dominican political dissidents , three of whom were assassinated under orders of then dictator Rafael Trujillo.
Patria Mercedes Mirabal (February 27, 1924 –November 25, 1960), María Argentina Minerva Mirabal (March 12, 1926 – November 25, 1960) and Antonia María Teresa Mirabal (October 15, 1935 – November 25, 1960) — were citizens of the DominicanRepublic who fervently opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. Bélgica Adela "Dedé" Mirabal-Reyes (March 1, 1925–present.) [1] Known as Dedé Mirabal, she was not assassinated and has lived to tell thestories of the death of her sisters. Presently, she still lives in Salcedo, Dominican Republic. She resides in the house where the sisters were born and works to preserve her sisters' memory throughthe "Museo Hermanas Mirabal" which is also located in Salcedo and was home to the women for the final ten months of their lives. She has written her first and only book "Vivas en El Jardín", released onAugust 25, 2009.[2]
The Mirabal women grew up in an upper class, well-cultured environment. All became married family women. The father of the Mirabal sisters was a successful businessman. WhenTrujillo came to power, their family lost almost all of their fortune. They believed that Trujillo would send their country into economic chaos. Minerva became particularly passionate about ending thedictatorship of Trujillo after talking extensively with an uncle of hers. Influenced by her uncle, Minerva became more involved in the anti-Trujillo movement. Minerva studied law and became a lawyer, butbecause she declined Trujillo's romantic advances, he ordered that while she would be issued a degree she was not to receive her practitioner's license. Her sisters followed suit, and they eventuallyformed a group of opponents to the Trujillo regime, known as the Movement of the Fourteenth of June. Inside that group, they were known as "The Butterflies" (Las Mariposas in Spanish). They are...
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