The missing coin

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2011
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1)- Where does the story take place?
2)- Where do Pete and Carla study?
3)- What doesPete like doing?
4)- What does Carla like doing?
5)- What does she do with Pete?
6)- What day is it?
7)- What is theweather like?
8)- Does Pete like to be with Carla?
9)- Where are they?
10)- Was the place quiet?
11)- What is the man doing?12)- Were there a lot of coins in his hat?

PAGES 3, 4 AND 5

1)- What is the name of tune?
2)- Did Carla put a coin in hishat?
3)- How many coins were there?
4)- What do they find in the next street?
5)- What does it have?
6)- Where do theycome from?
7)- What is the sho like?
8)- What kind of stamps does Pete look?
9)- Is the girl in the shop friendly?

PAGES6, 7, 8 AND 9

1)- Where is the collection Pete wants from?
2)- Does Carla like the people in the shop?
3)- Where do theygo then?
4)- What happened while they were waiting the waiter?
5)- What did he think about them? Why?

PAGES 10 AND 111)- How did he know that Tracy didn’t steal the coins?
2)- Did the shopkeeper look in Carla and Pete’s pockets?
3)- What didCarla remember?
4)- Did he have the coins?
5)- How did the flute player get them?
6)- What did the shopkeeper give Pete
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