The model of creation of customer relationship management (crm) system

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The Model of Creation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Rūta Urbanskienė, Daiva Žostautienė, Virginija Chreptavičienė
Kauno technologijos universitetas K. Donelaičio g. 20 -32, LT - 44029 The article analyses client relation management system by disclosing the role and placeof relation marketing in formation of CRM theoretical foundations. It reveals the support of customers’ (organisations or individual persons) and supplier’s (industrial organisations or service organisations) relationship based on trust, cooperation, power distribution, communication, commitment, dependence and other features as well as the development of customers’ loyalty. The application ofrelationship marketing theory (model) in the narrower CRM conception is simply inevitable because customer relationship management cannot be only the illustration of the relationship, it is more important to perceive relationship management and development. The system of customer relationship management is presented as the system that integrates management of customers’ groups, establishment andmanagement of marketing companies by indicating the benefit of CRM system for customers and enterprise’s employees. CRM – is everything what it is related to satisfaction of customer’s needs. What actions are needed to start creating the CRM system? It is necessary to start from the review of the following questions: what and how you are ready to present to your customers, what they expect from youand more than expect. Only afterwards it is necessary to choose necessary technologies, which can help you. The article analyses variants of CRM management system creation by reviewing different models of CRM creation, the analysis of which allowed envisaging typical elements of CRM model formation or stages of implementation process. Comparative analysis, inductive method was applied for thereview and analysis of CRM models. The formed CRM implementation model integrates the elements of creation, strategy and implementation, which allowed to prepare the structured model. Keywords: relationship marketing, CRM, CRM models. fashionable to speak about CRM or the principles of customer-oriented management. First of all, customer relationship management means “the start of a dialogue with acustomer”, which later on is converted into enterprise’s profit and finally it means enterprise’s survival in the competition. Thus CRM gets into the market as the system based on (implemented together with) information technologies frequently not evaluating advantages of direct communication of people. The CRM system really implemented per se does not guarantee the change of enterprise’s activityprocesses; an enterprise does not become customer-oriented automatically, and the very customer does not become more loyal or more beneficial for the enterprise. Western researchers (Linoff, 2004) assumed that 80% of such decisions’ implementations failed, i.e. they do not prove at enterprises; the reason for this is that most frequently there is no clear plan of actions or competence to implementit. Thus the problem of this scientific article is to ascertain whether it is possible to prepare a model of customer relationship management system, which would guarantee its successful implementation. The aim of the article – is to prepare the theoretical model of customer relationship management system implementation referring to the theory or relationship marketing and models suggested by CRMsystem formation. In order to achieve the aim the following objectives were set: 1. to disclose theoretical aspects of customer relationship management by referring to relationship marketing conception; 2. to prepare methodological premises for purposive formation of CRM model; 3. to construct a theoretical model of CRM implementation. Main methods of the research: analysis of scientific...
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