The modern philosophy in jericho

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Carlos Santiago Zazueta Zazueta, A01111886
Georgina González
Pensamiento y Reflexión Filosófica
Grupo 2 (300-1)
October 6th, 2010
“The modern philosophy in Jericho”
Jericho is a TV series thattells the story of a town; also named Jericho, and all the troubles it has after a simultaneous attack over the United States with nuclear bombs, and the course that United States took after theattack. One of the things that the modern philosophy studied is the way that the people live in society and how was the state of nature; this is how the mankind at the beginning was. In this text will betalked about the TV series called Jericho and it’s relation with some of the modern philosophers that talked about the state of nature and how the men behave on society. The three philosophers thatcould be related with the story are Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, and Jeremy Bentham but the easiest one to be indentified and related in the series is Thomas Hobbes.
Since the very beginning of thesecond season, could be identified one of the principles of Thomas Hobbes; he said “if any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies; and in the way totheir end (which is principally their own conservation, and sometimes their delectation only) endeavour to destroy or subdue one another” (Hobbes, 84). It means that if two people want the same thing;but only one can have it, both of them will try to get it no matter the price; they would fight for it to can have it and probably they would cause their self-destruction. This could be related withthe little war that Jericho had with New Bern; they were fighting because New Bern wanted the supplies of Jericho but they both needed it, so they started fighting for it; and they caused the death ofsome of the citizens of the two cities, as the principle of Hobbes said.
Another aspect of Thomas Hobbes’ theory is that could be seen in Jericho is that he said: “The passions that incline men to...
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