The moonstone chapter 3, 4,5

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Franklin suspected that the Indians had stolen the moonstone so, he went to Frizinghall to speak to the police. LaterDetective Seagrave arrived at the house. He discovered that in Rachel’s room door there was a smear caused by the skirt or the nightgown of a servant. As the detective didn’t find any more clueFranklin decided to send a better policeman: Detective Sergeant Cuff.
The next day Cuff arrived. He started to examine Rachel’s room, but Rachel refused. Cuff asked: “When the door had been painted”? andRachel told him that the paint took twelve hours to dry. Penelope had been the last person that went to Rachel’s room and she said that there was no smear on it. They knew as well that Rosanna wasn’tsleeping all the night.
That afternoon, Cuff followed Rosanna. She went to a fishing village to write a letter telling that she was going to leave her job with Lady Verinder. Betteredge and Franklinsuspected that Rosanna was the person who stole the diamond.
The next morning, Sergeant Cuff went to Frizinghall to continue the investigation. Franklin and Betteredge were in the garden speakingabout Rosanna. She heard all what they said and she felt very sad. In the other side, Rachel had decided to go and stay with her aunt and uncle in Frizinghall.
When Cuff wanted to speak to Rosanna,she disappeared. A servant told Betteredge and Cuff that she went to Shivering Sand. When they arrived it was too late, Rosanna had killed herself. Lady Verinder spoke with Cuff and he said that maybeRachel needed Rosanna’s help and now Rachel has the diamond. Immediately, Lady Verinder went to Frizinghall to speak with her. Lady Verinder sent a letter to Cuff telling that Rachel didn’t have thediamond. Then Cuff went back to London.
Franklin as well went back to London. He decided to go abroad to forget everything. Lady Verinder decided to take Rachel to their house in London, since Lady...