The moonstone

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  • Publicado : 3 de enero de 2011
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I am speaking of my last birthday.
The last day 5 august was my birthday. I turned 16 years old.
At 12 night all my friends I wascongratulated by the tuenti, I was called, send me sms!
Everyone is agreed my birthday make me very happy!
After my parents and sister congratulatedme and gave me my gifts.
They gave me a bracelet and a ring, I loved!
A lunchtime, I went to dinner with my family and Lucía. We passed avery good.
I decided invite my friends to a coffee after dinner, and I did!
But after all insisted I go to another cafeteria because they hadme a surprise prepared que hasta que no llegue allí no me enteré (estela eso no lo se pasar a ingles jaja).
There were all my friends and mysister.they prepared me a video surprise, I was not expeting. It was a video with photos of me in small with my parents and all my smallfriends. I was beautiful and very exciting!
Specially excited me because my best friends had worked hard to surprise and without my noticinganything anything.
Also attended by other friends congratulating me on the video. This surprise was the best in the world. The gifts liked me alot of!
They gave me a bag, of solf toy by Hello Kitty, earrings, strawberry cake, and a box special full of me with all my friends speciallymy best fiend Juan. All beautifull!
In conclusion I loved my birthday and I spend very well!
I hope the next year is equal to or better!
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