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Student *
5 It is an old boy and going through a series of adventures and sorrows of the movie dare, chacho the old man had a spirit of youth as not yet accepted the idea thatit was an old fight about everything and everyone to try to achieve what he has in his heart the first attempt and the biggest was trying to enter a work of Don Quixote andapparently had already entered the work because you needed was to have the credentials of the student and then mistook the lamp chacho thinking it was the director of the playbecause it helped in its early days but to come in and make the application realized he was just a table and it was not accepted as the real director was a jerk just wanted a realyoung.
Alicia chacho's wife always supported him and made him feel really important she was like 70% of the life of chacho, chacho dare of the film and its tales and stories tomake them reflect each of the students who were two women and three men, each passing through very difficult stages but the old man could solve and 6 really fond of everything thathappened in the movie.
Chacho was a big disappointment for he died the great love of his life and did not believe it because of the overnight and found dead this morning diedbecause she was a reason to live for him, the callus into a deep depression and did not want to eat not a great time out of his house received letters from his friends andeverything until one day I had to get over it and was able to get ahead and the final treatment for all boy found his niche in this pathway and reentered another class of students.It was a movie that I really charm could be within my favorite shows you what is true love and all that I stretch of time has been lost.
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