The murders in the rue morgue and other stories. actividades resueltas.

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The masque of the red death.

1. Why did Prince Prospero decide to take his friends far away to one of his distant castles?
2. How was the suite in Prince Prospero’s castle different from suites in other palaces?
3. What happened when the clock in the black room struck the hour?
4. What happened when the clock stopped chiming?
5. What sis the people see alter the clock struckmidnight?
6. How was the stranger like?
7. What did the people discover when they grabbed the masked figure and pulled off hid mask and costume?
8. Who was the stranger?

The pit and the pendulum.

1. What sentence did the court pronounce on the prisoner?
2. How did the narrator know he was not in a condemned cell?
3. How did the narrator measure his dungeon?
4. While measuring thedungeon, the prisoner fell asleep. What did he find when he woke up?
5. What happened while he was walking in a straight line across the cell?
6. What did the narrator about the cell as a result of his fall?
7. What kina of death had the inquisition prepared for the prisoner?
8. What changed in the cell while the narrator slept for third time?
9. What did he discover when he looked up at theceiling of the prison?
10. What did he see when he looked up the next time?
11. What new type of death did the narrator realise the inquisition had prepared for him?
12. How did the narrator free himself from the strap?
13. What new form of torture followed the pendulum?
14. What happened at the end of the story?

The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

1. When did the narrator first meet Monsieur C.Auguste Dupin?
2. Why did the police often ask Dupin to help them solve mysteries?
3. Why did Dr. Dumas think the murderer was a man?
4. What facts made it difficult to solve the case?
5. The witnesses agreed that deep voice belonged to a Frenchman, but they didn’t agree about the high voice. What was peculiar about the high voice?
6. What did Dupin find when he examined the two windows?
7.What did Dupin discover about the hair found in Madam L’Espanaye’s hand and the fingerprints found on Camille’s neck?
8. Why Dupin stop at newspaper office on his way home?
9. Who was the murderer?
10. How did the murderer enter Madame L’Espanaye’s bedroom?
11. What happened to the murderer?


“The Masque of red death”

1. Escape from the terrible plague.
2. In many buildings,groups of rooms are built in a straight line. But here was very different. There was a sharp curve in seven to ten meters, so you could only see one room at a time. In the middle of each wall to the right and left was a tall, narrow window. These windows looked over a hallway that ran next to the rooms. The windows were made of stained glass, and color of the glass varied with the decor of theroom. In the room at the east end, for example, it was all blue, or the windows were bright blue. In the second room, everything was purple, like windows. The third room was green, orange fourth, fifth and sixth white violet. In the seventh room, everything was covered in black velvet. Only in this room windows was a different color to the scenery, were scarlet, the color of blood.
3. The musiciansof the orchestra had to stop playing to listen. The dancers stopped dancing and the entire party became afraid. People forget his happiness. With each stroke, the guests of the Prince felt the time moving closer and closer to them.
4. The laughter began again. The musicians smiled and promised that they would not stop playing the next time the clock rang.
5. People noticed a masked figure intothe blue room.
6. The figure was tall and thin and dressed from head to toe in clothes of death. His mask looked like the face of a dead person, and it was hard to tell if it was real or not. The masked stranger was dressed as the Red Death - his clothes were dripping with blood and had blood on his face and forehead.
7. The mask and the suit were empty and there was nothing inside
8. The...
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