The native american

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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The Native American
Also known as American Indian, have a very inspiring story to tell; we could say they were the very first people who lived in North America, and were the ones who experiencedevery step of the colonization and the European settlement. The native American have had issues with the white since the beginning of history; Native American were owners of all the lands even thoughthey didn’t build in them and just used them for hunting, which whites didn’t understand nor agree; so they would take away most of their land. Even though the Indians were treated badly and they alongwith their culture survived. In the actuality Native Americans are still a part of the American population and throughout the years have gained political and economic rights, as well as maintainingtheir traditions and culture; which has been hard for them because they have to deal with the modern world.
The country has also helped maintain this culture by respecting their ideals and creatingreservations, which are places Native Americans can live in and where they will be respected. Thanks to these places the Native American population has increased to a 0.6% of the united states populationswhich is about 1.4 million people this mount is considered to be the highest of all times.
Native Americans have had an ongoing battle since the European civilization started; they suffered fromunknown diseases, warfare and the obligatory transfer of land. As the Native Americans could be said to be the owners of America the European settlers would try to make treaties to get what they wanted,but since the Native Americans refused to give up what it was theirs, war started. The European had a huge advantage, which were the fire arms and horses. A large amount of Native Americans were lostnot mentioning their lands. Sadly these men didn’t understand the concept of private property which was the Reason why even though after they had sold their land they would keep hunting in it.
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