The nightmare

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Here are the main characters of this little book…

She is Rosemary, she is 21 years old
she is Antonio’s girlfriend, and her best
friends are Dianna and Sebastian.

She is Dianna, Rosemary’s best friend
and her boyfriend is Sebastian, she studies
with Rosemary in Lacoste University.

He is Antonio, he loves, with all his
heart, Rosemary and his best friend
is Sebastian, and he is 24 yearsold.

He is Sebastian, Dianna’s boyfriend,
he studies with Antonio in Attituted institute
and he is 23 years old.

- Rose! - Dianna voice heard.
And I woke up, sweating, crying and screaming, it was all a nightmare, a horrible nightmare, I continue crying and Dianna was trying to calm me down, she call Antonio and Sebastian to come here, in order to calm me.
I love you so much Antonio, nothing andnobody will ever separated us!!!!!


from him, one block from his embraces, one block from his kisses, and just one block from my happiness.
If I only had been a little timelier none of this had happened.
It was all so unfair, the reality was fading slowly, everything became black, the voices around me were distorted, I immersed myself in the darkness, I suddenly felt arms embrace meand grabbed me very carefully, I felt a few tears that fell upon me, and I heard his voice.
- Noooo! Rosemary don’t leave me, stay with me, stand by
me, do not leave me!
I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes was full of tears, I just open my eyes I saw his eyes filled with hope, a hope that I would not feed because I knew it was useless. I try to talk and with much effort I succeeded.
- I ...I ... lo ... Iov… love you – I said with difficulty.
- I love you too - He said with tears in his eyes
- Ne ... ... never ... forget it! – I said
And I closed my eyes, I surrender to the darkness, I felt like everything vanished. I was lay dying. I felt his arms disappear beneath me. I was lay dying. I felt his tears being absorbed by my body. I was lay dying.

Evertything isbecoming black, I feel so much cold, I can remember just a few things but I know that he is waiting for me, I’m completely sure about it.
Things looks bad, I only have a few minutes before I die, I just can think about one thing, the most important in all my life that is…
* Aaaaaahhhh!! Somebody please hel her!! – that scream take me out of my thoughts, I think it was a woman that was reallyscared about what was happening to me..
How horrible could it be? How much blood was in the floor? Is all, that serious? Can it be that creepy to make someone scream like this? I have a lot of questions that I wanted to do, but I can’t move myself, I cant even talk , neither breathe, it’s too hurt to me, being in there, so close to that place, to that cinema, to him, and can’t do anything to be moreclose to him.I miss him, and I haven’t die yet.
* Somebody! Please call an ambulance- there was the terrified voice again.
I can’t handle it! I can’t do anything I feel like there was nobody who can help me, like if I where invisible, like if instead of me, there was nothing, just a little part of the ground.

In this point of my life I have just done less than the half of all the things that Iwould like to do, all the people that I would like to meet, all the places that I would like to go, I can imagine the newspapers ” Girl of 23 years old died in a tragedic accident”, “She left her boyfriend waiting on the cinema”. It’s too much suffering to only one person.
I just can think in How different things would be if I went out earlier, if the train had been delayed…
If things had beendifferent, now I would be with him, right beside him.
If I just hadn’t…
I’m going to start from the beginning, I remember that day very well…
I’m really exciting, I got an outstanding in my exam I’m going to go to receive my scores from the term. I had very good scores…
- Good job - said my teacher.
- Thank you – I said with a smile in my face.
Is that I was so happy because of my...
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