The pancreas

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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Universidad de Carabobo
Facultad de Ciencia de la Salud
Escuela de Bioanálisis
Departamento de Idiomas
Sede Aragua
The Pancreas Integrantes:        Prof. Evelia Prince                                                                     -María José Romero.                                                                                               - Leonardo Sánchez

The pancreas is a glandular organ that secretes digestive enzymes (internal secretions) and hormones (external secretions). In humans, the pancreas is a yellowish organ about 17.8 cm long and 3.8 cm wide. It is a organ of the digest system andendocrine system.
The pancreas is conical in shape. 
The pancreas is a glandular organ, from its exocrine and endocrine characteristic.
The pancreas is situatedbehind the stomach in middle and deep on abdomen, the posterior wall is joining to first and second lumbar vertebras. For this situation the pancreas is an organ difficult touch. The pancreas liesbeneath the stomach and is connected to the small intestine at the duodenum.
The pancreas is medial to the duodenum, and superior to the small intestine.

The pancreas is divided in severalparts:
1: Head of pancreas: inside of curvature duodenum, medial and superior.
2: Uncinate process of pancreas: posterior to superior vessels mesenteric.
3: Body of pancreas: posterior to stomach.4: Anterior surface of pancreas.
5: Inferior surface of pancreas.
6: Superior margin of pancreas.
7: Anterior margin of pancreas.
8: Inferior margin of pancreas.
9: Tail of pancreas.
Under amicroscope, stained sections of the pancreas reveal two different types of parenchymal tissue. Lightly staining...
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