The pandas bears

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  Panda Bears.
Is in danger of extinction, the species is highly localized. With 1,600 living in junglesand 188 captive (statistics 2004 - 2005), reports demonstrate that figure pandaslivingfree goes aumento.2 Bear panda is symbol WWF (Global Fund protectionnature) since
The panda's main food is bamboo (about 99% of their diet), but also feeds on fruits, small mammals, fish,and is a good climber insectos.3, though rarely seen on thetrees. It adapts to captivity and thanks to his coat easily withstands winter conditionsof their habitat.
Outwardly, it resemblesa panda bear contrasting coloration. The Sichuan pandahas black fur renowned and white, while the subspecies of Qingling pelagecontrasting two-tone brown.
The ears, nose, hair around the eyes,shoulders and limbs are dark. The face, bellyand back are white. The ears are oval and erect. The panda's paw with five toes, has a "sixth finger" by way of a thumb. This is the modification ofa sesamoid bonein the wrist. Stephen Jay Gould wrote an essay on this case, the collection published in The Panda's Thumb (1980) .6 Their front legs are strong and capable of climbingand muscular and longer thanthe rear. Their eyes are small, and while the pupils are round the other bears, the panda's are like cats, giving them the Chinese name of a bear-cat.
The panda baby at birth weighed from 90 to 130grams, and is almost bare, butadults can weigh between 70 and 125 kg.
At birth the young are blind, your skin has a pinkish (product of a chemical reactionbetween the skin of newbornand his mother salivade), one month after birth thepanda acquired its traditional pigmentation.
The young live with their mother (because the father has no part of parenting) for up to two years. Theinterval between a litter of pups and the other can exceed two years.
The newborn panda is

and this is around 6 years

Pandas are typically solitary animals. Its...
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