The pantheon, rome

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The Pantheon, Rome
The building that best symbolizes the Roman concept of space and the powerful effect of volume is the Pantheon in Rome, rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian between 118 AD and 128 AD. Itwas a temple to all gods, the proportions and structure of the Pantheon are representative of the religious conception of the Romans, where they intend to centralize a variety of worship of Romanreligion and architecture presents a synthesis of heaven and land.

The Pantheon is located in the Piazza della Rotonda, Rome, close to the ancient Baths of Agrippa.
The building is enclosed by acircular dome. Both the height of the interior of the dome as the diameter of the circular wall of the plant are 43.20 m. If we imagine the whole sphere is inscribed in the large circular room thatdetermines the dome, would have represented the celestial globe resting on the floor. The dome rests on a static cylinder.
 This construction is very important because the Romans came to an unequaledperfect technic to solve problems such as weight or also of structure. The weight of the dome and its attachment was resolved by shifting the weight of the dome in a very thick pillars that are insidethe wall and collect the weight so the open spaces between them serve as chapels, lightening the weight of the wall.

The architecture of the Pantheon is complex in its proportions and innovativedesign. The romans highlight the existence of arches and vaults, but also dominated the columns and straight lines, especially in the main porch, which hides the circular composition that continues inthe back, this does not let to perceive the magnitude of the temple from the outside. In this porch, with dimensions of 34.20 x15, 62 m, is accessed up by five steps with a height of 1.32 on the plazalevel, and we can see the first 8 large Corinthian order columns of 12 meters height made of granite, supporting a pediment.

The access to the interior from the portico is through an arched...
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