The past tense of the verb to be

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THE PAST TENSE OF THE VERB TO BE USE We use this tense when you want to talk about something at a definite time in the past: yesterday, lastnight, in 2006 etc. The past simple of be is ‘‘was” or ''were'': the form depends on the subject as it is almost always the case.


STRUCTORE NOTE: (+) AFIRMATIVE FORM Pronoun + was/were + complement Examples: 1. I was in Moquegua last year 2. You wereat the cinema yesterday morning 3. He was a good student 4. She was in South Africa last month 5. We were at school last Saturday 6. They werein Japan in April (-) NEGATIVE FORM Pronoun + was/were + NOT + complement Examples: 1. I wasn’t in Moquegua last year

2. You weren’t at thecinema yesterday morning 3. He wasn’t a good student 4. She wasn’t in South Africa last month 5. We weren’t al school last Saturday 6. Theyweren’t in the Colombia in April (?) INTERROGATIVE FORM Was/Were + Pronoun + complement + ? Examples: 1. Were you at home yesterday morning? Yes, I wasat home yesterday morning

2. Was Luz in the museum? No, Luz wasn’t in the museum

3. Was Peter in South Africa last month? No, Peterwasn’t in South Africa last month

4. Were you and your family in this city last year? Yes, we was in this city last year

5. Were we at thisschool last year? No, weren’t at this school last year

6. Were they in prison two days ago? No, they weren’t in prison two days ago

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