The pequod

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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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the pequod was far away,but it came to rescue us and we returned to the ship safely.
the whale wasn´t moby dick. but it was a very brave whale, and we couldn´t catch it. but now i knew it was dangerous and difficult to hunt whales,especially for me,with little experience.
everybody on te ship now knew about ahab´s "special sailors".
we soon learned more about these men. they were all on thepequod when we left nantucket but they stayed in captain ahab¨s cabin, so we didn´t see them until the harpoon boats left the ship. they came from te philippines. they looked strange. fedallah, their leader,looked frightening. he had dark skin and his long hair was tied round his head. he also had one white tooth coming out of his mouth.he wore a blue chinese jacket and wide purple trousers. thefour sailors with him were frightening, too. some of us thought they looked like demons.the sailors weren´t happy to have these strange men on the ship. they were also unhappy that captain ahab hunted whales we good harpooners, in this opinion?the men thought the captain into the harpoon boats and hunted the whales. he ordened three of the regular men to protect the ship. the pequod continued itsvoyage. we saw another whale and this time, captain ahab sent stubb and his men to kill it. they attacked the whale from te harpoon boat and kille it easily. they tied the head whale to the side of the boat and started to transport it back to the pequod. but sharks tried to eat the dead whale while they were rowing. one shark almost cut offstubb¨s hand with its sharp teeth. the sailors attacked thesharks with harpoons and finally they swam away. the next day we cut all the meat from the whale.then we cut its head and tied it to the side of the ship.the head contains the whale oil.this oil is very valuable.we trhew the rest of the body back into the water. the sharks were happy with their food. after a few hours, ahab came on deck.he walked aroun the deck a few times and then looked at thewhale´s head. he stared ai it for a few minutes and then said, "speak to me,whale dead! tell me your secrets". he waited for a few minutes, as if he was waiting for an answer, and then he walked away.the next day,ahab appeared."we must capture another whake"he said. "it´s no important if it´s special or valuable,but we need a second whale".i didn´t know the reason for this.we obeyed our orders but iasked kwee-kweg,"why do we have to kill another whale so soon"?"it´s very simple, ishmael" kwee-kweg answered."if a ship has got whales" heads and both sides, it will be safe."that´s very strange", i said."why is that?""well, maybe it´s a superstitious
!" i thought to myself. " i thought it was just starbuck. and they are responsible for my life! how can i expect superstitious people to makepractical decisions?" i became very nervous. fortunately, that day, a whale fought valiantly. but in the end, the enormous animal died. we brought the whale into the ship and cut off its meat. then, we tied his head to the other side of the ship. a few days later, we passed another whaling ship, the captain of that ship, captain mayhew, came near and talked to captain ahab. captain mayhew toldcaptain ahab his personal experience of moby dick. "my men and i first heard about moby dick from another ship".said captain mayhg in the boatt and shouting at the whale."but we only saw him a year later. we decided to hunt him. there were five of us. one sailor was standing in the boat and shouting at the to come nar. suddenly, the whale hit the sailor with his tail and threw him twernty metres intothe sea. the poor man died immediately. that whale is the most dangerous animal i have ever seen, captain ahab, i will never try to find him again. and you shouldn´t either""but i must", answered ahab."the you will kill die for certain", said captain mayhew, and he sailed away. we were frightened by captain mayhew´s story,althought we knew many other stories like this. but captain ahab still...
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