The petroleum

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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2011
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República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación Universitaria
Universidad de Oriente-Núcleo Monagas
Maturín, Edo. Monagas

Oil Fields or Gas Fields

Teacher:Gina Peters Name: Andrés Rojas
Ci: 22490096
Section: 01
Subject: English 4
Career: Petroleum Engineer

Maturín, November 8th of 2011.Introduction

-Exist two types of oil fields where we can find the petroleum in its origins, for then exploit and have the petroleum necessary for maintining the world with energy and life. This typesare:

-The oil fields can be primarious, when has been found in the same rock where is formed, this has an upper layer of impermeable clay, below of it a cape of sands with natural gas, below sandswith petroleum and finally a bottom layer of sands with salt water. In the part of economy, the oil primarious are of modest profitability, because the accumulated quantity of oil reserves is small andalso the petroleum is not very concentrated, and its extraction is very slow.

-The oil fields can be secundarious, when has been formed in a remote location and flows to the place where is now, thismovement changes its properties. It is very important because the continuous arrival of hydrocarbons to the tramp of petroleum allow the accumulation of this, in a quantity and concentrationimportant for doing very economical the extraction of the crude.

Oil Field or Gas Field

-Its a trap that has hydrocarbons, and this conform a only system connect up hydraulically. Other acceptabledefinition is: “Place where there is naturally a rock, a mineral or a fossil”.

-Clasification of the oil field (for its characteristics and for using in our career): Exist petroleums of volatily highand of volatily low:
a) Oil Fields of Volatily High:
-The mixture of hydrocarbons in the oil field has been found initially in liquid state, next to critic point and the temperature is lightly less...