The phanom of the opera

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The Phantom of the opera was created by Gaston Leroux, who was born in Paris in 1868. Gaston Leroux was a French author who had a great passion for the theatre. After manyyears of writing in the newspaper and a number of unsuccessful plays, he should have left his mark on literature with a novel about an extraordinary episode in the history of France’s greatest operahouse. Leroux didn’t live to see the triumph of his Opera history; he died on April 15 1927 of uraemia.
The Paris Opera House
The Paris Opera House of the last quarter of the 19th century, in whichGaston Leroux set The Phantom of the Opera, was a very remarkable place. The huge building was constructed by Charles Garnier from 1861-1875. The Opera house was governed by intrigue and rumors. At thetime in which the novel is set, the Opera house gave job to over fifteen hundred of employees and had its own stables of horses for the opera troupe. Even today, it employs over a thousand people andcontains two permanent ballet schools within the building.
The Opera House rose in the 18th century. After the Revolution it was resorted to its leading position to Paris by Napoleon in the reformsof 1807. Among the most performed composers of at the time was Salieri, whose music remained in the repertoire at the time of Leroux’s novel.
It survives in much the same described in the novel. Ithas a labyrinth, seventeen floors, the stables, a monument to Carlotta, and more important, there is really a lake underneath the building.
The Phantom of the Opera Novel
It starts at the ParisOpera House, an old man name Raoul, bids for a strange musical box which seems to make him remember something special. Then it swept back to the time of Raoul’s youth in the Opera House.
A new opera,Hannibal, is in rehearsal. The manager of the opera house retired so he introduces the company the new managers, Andre and Firmin. Andre asks Carlotta, the principal actress, to sing, but a backdrop...
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