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Pharaoh is the biblical name of the Kings of the ancient Egypt. For the Egyptians, the first was Narmer or Menes who ruled from 3100 BC to the year 2600 b. C., and the last was Cleopatra VII, of Hellenic descent, reigning year 51 to 30 b. C.
Pharaoh was both man and God, the monarch who ruled the Kingdom of Egypt and the high priest of the temples.
It was also considered son of Ra, the Sun Godand reincarnation of the Falcon God Horus. They applied the teachings of the goddess Maat.
Depicted as a woman with wings and a pen as a headdress, Maat symbolizes truth and justice. He incarnated the forces of good and requested the King make them respect on Earth.

Tradition dictated that, after the death of the Pharaoh, it happens the firstborn of the children he had given his wife, if hedidn't have children he was his brother.
If the child was very young, his mother was Regent until the heir to assume his post. A woman could be Pharaoh.

If the King had no sons or brothers, a Council of wise men elected to the Pharaoh.
During his coronation, which took place in Memphis, the priests gave up their attributes to the new divine King, son of Ra. It received the Diadem, the whip, thescepter, the ankk (the cross of as a) and their various crowns.
Then the priests granted five names other than your own and you were driving to a sacred tree, whose leaves assumes that the God ibis Thoth had written the name of the Pharaoh. The new sovereign was then presented to the crowd.
The Pharaoh never went abroad with uncovered head, available several crowns used according to the times,the Pharaoh is also distinguished by their clothing. He wore a subject by a wide belt pleated loincloth, from which hung a queue of raging bull. You are often covered with the nemés, a cloth ribbons blue and gold, and the colors of royalty.
As all the Egyptian Pharaoh shaves, but like the gods they should wear a false beard, Pharaoh Women also wearing the false beard. As Pharaoh, the King had anexclusive privilege; his name written in a cartridge, surrounded by a steak that symbolized the course of the Sun in the sky and used during his reign, especially in buildings and temples, have been found, many different cartridges depending on the season.

The Pharaoh had all the powers, possessed all the wealth of Egypt.
Every Egyptian was to deliver him a part of the fruits of his work inthe form of taxes accounted for by the scribes. He dictated laws, his power was total and directing the Administration and the army.
According to tradition, the gods had chosen it to reign peace and justice among men, without him, Egypt live in the chaos, so should be protected to the Egyptians of their enemies.

The Pharaoh was the great priest of the temples of the Kingdom; each day mustfulfill many rites. As it could not be in all the temples in the Kingdom, he appointed priests serving the rites and ceremonies in their name.
As Supreme Being that it was, everyone across the Pharaoh or a member of his family should kneel down and kiss the ground.
For the Egyptians, thus showing their fear and respect for the sovereign.
It was believed that the Pharaoh was the son of the God of theunderworld, Osiris, who governed the land and acted as an intermediary between the gods and men. He was religious, civil and military leader of Egypt. Some of the most famous Pharaohs were Thutmose I, Thutmose III and Ramesses II; all of them were responsible for the increase in power and the territory of Egypt.

Khafre, Pharaoh Egypt (c. 2603-2578 BC) of the 4th dynasty. He built oneof the pyramids of Giza; for a long time it was thought that the great Sphinx next to them was a representation of the King. Little is known of the biography and the reign of Khafre, except that he returned to install the Pharaonic Court in Giza and which is also known as Khafra and Sufis.


Cheops, Egyptian Pharaoh (c. 2638-2613 BC), second of the 4th dynasty. The most important event...
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