The pianist

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The Pianist

The pianist called Wladeck, the movie start in a radio studio, and he lisen loud explosions, he run and go with his family. They hide his money. Thepianist walk with a friend and go to a coffe but they are jewish and they cant come in. After fired the jewish people to Berlin. The german soldiers laughing of thejewish, and after the Nazis hit a little child and killed in the wall. The german soldiers go to help of his brother. The pianist brother informed to his friends. Wladeckfather got a job, because he don’t have a good job and if not the germans kill him. The jewish are walk and died in the street of germany, they are in a point to unite,the jewish are crying and search they family. One german soldier, friend of the pianist, saved his life, but he don’t saved his family, they go in the train to gatheringcamp. The pianist are in the german city, the jewish are woeking and building the city, he have a fight with a german soldier. In the pianist job trafficking weapons tothe jews, he have two. Wladeck in the job have a problem with a german soldier. He go to his house friends to find help. After a group of german soldiers shotting inthe street by one group of jews in a big building, and the soldiers go to find help and retorns to attack of the building jewish. The pianist broke some dishes in hisroom, and a woman lisen it, she go to ask him, who is, but he scape, he run out of the department, he walk and find to his friends, he find help. And when he get offriends home, he talk with they and received help, he sleep in a little room because his friends hide him, so what the germans cant see him in the house of his friends.
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