The positive integration of colombia 2002-2010

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Over time, Colombia has evolved a bit more regarding to developed countries. This is, thanks to various aspects that had determined success in the international commerce arena. Those aspects aregoing to be analyzed in this essay and the way Colombia has strengthen its commercial relations during the last 8 years.
Since 2002, Colombia determined in the National Development Plan the newcommercial politics. The fist government of President Alvaro Uribe Velez began the “policy of active integration into the global economy. The principal objectives of that plan where: to negotiate free tradeagreements, eliminate barriers and stimulate international investment.” For 2006, the previous objectives where maintained but the number of countries to search integration with, where more. Now,having commercial agreements with the European Union, EFTA, and the negotiation with Japan and Canada where the objectives.
Other aspect, is the way institutional reforms where done, to get advantageof the commercial agreements that where signed, and for those regional integration agreements that where already established. Historically, the Andean Pact was the first agreement signed by Colombia,this regional agreement opened the door to the next ones, such as: G-3 (when Venezuela was a member) in the 90’s. The phases of Colombian internationalization are characterized by the graduallyincrease of participation in regional agreements; with MERCOSUR, and the North Triangle.
The behavior of international integration is increasingly dynamic and complex. “Latin America is moving to a secondregionalism in search for interregional links, as the FTAA. In the same way, MERCOSUR is searching for links with the Andean Pact, every group and subgroup is joining to form one large regional link”. This phenomenon is graphically depicted in the “spaghetti bowl” of the Colombian multilateral commerce scenario; which was explained by the professor Uribe during the last class. The positive...
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