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The prince and the pauper

The story is about two guys who change their roles in life, Tom Canty the youngest son of a family of beggars living with the dregs ofsociety in Offal Court, take the place of Edward the Prince in the castle; and the Prince Edward take the place of Tom in his home with his family. Each becomes fascinated bythe other's lifestyle, so they decide to switch clothes "temporarily" and take the role of the other.

Soon Prince Edward is attempting to escape from Tom'sdrunken father, while Tom is attempting from court customs and manners. No one believes Tom (Edward) that he was the prince, he escape with the help of Miles Hendon a soldier andnobleman returning from war (he becomes his protector). Meanwhile, no one believes Edward (Tom) he was not the real prince, they all start to think he was getting crazy.Soon the news reaches them that King Henry VIII has died and Edward is now the rightful king.

After a series of adventures, the Prince Edward manages the way toexchange his place with Tom, just as he was about to be crowned and become the next king. Tom is eager to relinquish the throne but the nobles refuse to believe that acommon child (Edward) who appears to them as a beggar is the true king, until they see the royal seal that he had hidden before leaving the palace and that Tom had taken fake.Miles is rewarded with the title of duke and the special permission to sit in the presence of the king, for taking care of him while we was absent in the castle, reservedonly for the royal family. Tom, thanks for supporting the claim of the new throne, and receives the title of "protected the King.". They live happy, but Edward died young.
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