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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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The problems of Youngpeople in Bogota

In Bogota the young people is getting into trouble more than ever, because now the problems are not the same, besides vandalism, pick- pocketing and stealing, they are getting sick,because they want to look beautiful and skinny, that is call anorexia or bulimia. Sometimes people may think that this isn’t going to last or that is a whim but they don’t know that this could bedangerous even for them and that all of as should help to cure this kind of new sickness.
This is happening because young people care too much about what other people think about them, for these kids oralmost adults is important to look good even if it includes get slimmer that you are, no matter what, so you can fit in. Also, television is always pushing, so people is wishing all the time thinkslike ¨I wish I was better¨. ¨if only I could do or be like that¨, they are saying beauty and perfection, you have to be like them or you are out.
Is pressure all the time, by friend also, young peoplespent all their time with friends and they become like a family or in a voice in your head, and sometimes isn’t good, because when they get power they can control a life, if they want to, so peopleneed to learn how to think by their selves and start to do what they think is right. The worst problem is that family doesn’t pay attention to their kids so they try to attract the attention.
Thisproblem is increasing, we should do something about it, is killing young people so fast that they can´t live, if only there was someone who really care about this things may be adolescents would thinkdifferent but without help or any direction this kids, because they haven’t grown up yet, they will be lost forever. We need to think of what we are doing and try to understand that the physical part...
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