The queen and i y a foreigner in britain ejercicios

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A foreigner in Britain
Name three countries that are part of Britain
Scotland,Wales and England
Chapter 1
What did Pablo think was crazy about British pubs?
he thought that Britain's pubs closed soon.
Why do people go to Trafalgar Square on New Years ´Eve and what exactly do they want to hear?
Because the people go to celebrate New Year´s Eve .They want to hear the bells.Why is the Globe Theatre famous?
Because the globe theatre was where most of shakespeare´s plays were performed for the first time.
Why are plays only performed in the Globe Theatre during the warm summer months?
Because there is not a roof over the centre of building
In Shakespeare´s time,who played the female roles in his plays and why?
Females roles were played by teenager boys.Becausewomen were nt allow the roes.
Chapter 2
Why is travelling on the Tube in London interesting?
Because it is nice to see the great variety of races and religions
What do people do at the Notting Hill Carnival?
People eat West Indian food and dance t Caribbean music
What is a Cockney?
A cockney is a person from East in London
Chapter 3
Who built the city of York and what was it originallycalled?
The Vikings .It was called Yorvik
What is a guest house or B & B?
It is a tipe of hotel,where you can sleep and have breakfast.
What period of time is covered at the Jorvik Viking Centre?
948 AD
What do we learn about the most famous stained glass window in York Minster?
We learn the story about the beginning and end of the world
What might you hear at night in the Castle Museum?The ghosts crying and pulling their castle.
Chapter 4
What is special about Oxford University?
It is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in the world
Why was Antonio disappointed when he arrived in Oxford?
Because he got off the bus and he was in the middle of the town shopping district.
What effect has the Scholastica Massacre had on the life of Oxford?
The relactionsbetween the townspeople and the people haven´t been very good.
What unusual tradition is there in Oxford on May Morning, after the May Ball?
Jump into the bridge and drink champagne.
Chapter 5
Give three reasons why Antonio was happy that Nicola had invited him to her parents´house for Christmas.
He never spent Christmas in England before,he would love to go to her parents house and he hadn´tany plans.
Why did Antonio enjoy himself on Christmas Eve?
Because it was different and because the family made them feel like part of the family.
When do the British have Christmas dinner and what is the traditional menu?
Christmas budding
When did Antonio receive his Christmas presents and what were they?
On Christmas eve.They were around the Chritmas tree.
How do you open a Christmascracker,and what is inside it?
Two people have to hold each end of a cracker and pull.Inside the crackers have a coloured paper hat,a joke and a small present.
Chapter 6
How long has Antonio known Gareth and how did they get to know each other?
He has known Gareth since he was a child.
What did Castle Coch look like?
It was a fairy castle,looked Cinderella´s castle.
Why does Gareth tellAntonio to give Angharad a lovespoon?
Because the lovespoon like as a symbol of his affection for her.
What three things impressed Antonio at the Eisteddfod?
The magnitude of the event,people love singing and the incredible voices.
Chapter 7
Why does Gareth think Cornwall is a great place to write about?
because it is also ridi in folklore and myths
Why did the time pass quickly for Antonio inthe pub in Bude?
Because Richard´s stories were fascinating.

What do we learn about the legendary King,King Arthur?
That the king Arthur was born in Tintagel Castle,in Cornwall the legends say that Merlin lived in a cave below Tintagel Castle
How successful was Antonio´s article for the magazine?
He didn´t win the competition ,but they published his story.
Chapter 8
In Britain,what...
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