The quiet american

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The Quiet American

Essay Question
1 “We watch as Fowler awakens to the notion that to be human is eventually to have to choose.” How does Fowler change during the story? Do you agree with thisquote about how the main character develops during the story?

I see Graham Greene´s, The Quiet American, as a story that shows how the idealism of a better nation for the Vietnamese people is just anutopia. Everyone is blinded by their own personal interests, the main character of the story is called Thomas Fowler an English journalist that has been living in Vietnam for several years, and isinvolved in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl named Phuong. The character of Fowler changes through the story and because of the different situations in which he is involved, he has to makeimportant decisions that give shape to the book.
The story follows approximately six months of his life where he is faced with personal, professional, and ethical problems. The story also talks about thelives of two close friends, Pyle and Phuong. Each of the three main characters are from a different country, and act very close to their stereotypes. Fowler is the typical Englishman, he is a very coldperson that keeps his emotions to himself, and out of sight from others. He had his own stand points on religion and politics that he definitely stood by. In the war, Fowler did not take sides.Different people in the story felt that "One has to take sides. If one is to remain human" (174), but as an European, especially an Englishman, he was for the most part, neutral.
In my opinion no man canbe neutral, everybody has to pick sides, according to each persons ideologies and points of views of what they think is right or wrong. Fowler at the beginning of the book is very neutral in hisdecision he, just writes with a very objective style, and does not takes sides, but he started getting tired of Americans, and everything else included himself. "I was tired of the whole pack of them,...
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