The ranson of red chief

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In the short story “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry there are various conflicts. These will be discussed later in the essay. The first conflict is Bill and Sam’s plan to pull off a fraudulenttown-lot scheme. Second conflict is that they do not have enough money to pull off the scheme that they had planned and they plan to get the money that they need by kidnapping someone. Thirdconflict in the story is the kidnapping of ten year old Johnny from Summit. When Bill gets tired of the boy’s behavior and decided to show him the way to Summit and let him go but the child follows him backto the cave is the fourth conflict. The fifth conflict in the story takes place on the brink of the climax when Bill and Sam become afraid of the boy.
The first conflict would be identifiedas internal conflict for both characters which would be defined as person against self. The conflict is that the men are planning to pull off a fraudulent town-lot scheme. The situation is that inorder to pull off the scheme they need a certain amount of money that they are missing. To obtain that money they decide to kidnap someone from a city nearby called Summit. In order to carry out theirplan they look for a prominent citizen which they find out has a young son.
Both men decide to kidnap a ten year old boy named Johnny which is the son of a prominent citizen in Summit whosename is Ebenezer Dorset. This conflict would be categorized as an external conflict which would be defined as person against society. The kidnappers try luring the child towards them with a bag ofcandy but he reacts by throwing a piece of brick at Bill. They child puts up a fight but eventually they can control him. They take the child up to a cave in the mountains.
Once in the mountains theboy wants to play a game, which eventually tires out Bill. The games the child played were rather hard on both grown men and it was tiresome for Bill to play because he was fat. Sam decides to go...
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