The relation between a ring of gyges and a soul.

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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The Relation between a Ring of Gyges and a Soul.
The ring of Gyges represents an “exousia” which means ‘the freedom of doing what you want’. Philosophers saythat human’s essentiality almost always follows the bad, so if one uses the ring of Gyges to get satisfaction by reaching one’s goal in a simple and easy way, willmake one’s soul impoverish and dark of the corruption one makes with that power of invisibility, but if one voluntarily refuses the chance of using a ring of Gygesand to reach in a painless way one’s purposes, one’s soul will maintain a peace.
In a legend of The Ring of Gyges written by Plato, clearly represents how asincere, right and good-soul-possessing shepherd becomes an avaricious and dark hearten murderer who commits an adultery with a queen of a nation entering quietly toher bed and seducing her to obtain power confiding in his ability of being invisible. He murders a king of Lydia and becomes a king of Lydia by taking advantage ofthe ring, but it was impossible to him to be happy, because he was hiding the adultery and the assassination he committed to obtain that power or social positionto all his surrounding people.
Gyges succeed in lying his surrounding people, but it is impossible for him to lie his own soul which is equivalent to ‘himself’.The “invisible” is visible because of the relation that a soul makes with these two opposite concepts. Gyges can lie to his surrounding people just because of theinvisibleness, but his soul complete a relationship between this visible and invisible, because for his soul is visible the invisible corruptions that his body do.
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