The restaurant

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A: I think it is about time for breakfast I suggest we have it
now, so we will have time for sightseeing.
B: It’s up to you. Anytime is all right withme.
A: Where shall we eat?
B: Oh, let’s have it in the restaurant or in the cafeteria. This restaurant looks pretty good.
A: Let’s sit on the table
B: What would youlike to order?
A: I would like a large orange juice, fried eggs and ham, toast and jelly, coffee with cream.
B: Do you like your eggs sunny side up?
A: No, over please.B: Anything else?

A: How about you sir?
B: Let me have apple juice, hot rolls, marmalade, scrambled eggs and bacon, hot tea with cream.
A: Yes, sir.
A:We have walked a lot. Do you like having lunch now?
B: I don’t care. I’m not very hungry myself, but I don’t mind eating now.
A: Well, let’s try this restaurant, youmay like it.
B: All right, you will have to explain the routine to me.
A: I’ll tell you. First of all get your ticket at the entrance, then take a tray and silverware andget in line. Let me go first okay?
B: Go ahead. Tell me the name of the dishes, will you?

A: Tomatoes soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy vegetable salad,cherry pie and milk.
B: Look what I got, roast beef, vegetable soup, French fried potatoes, lettuce and tomatoe salad, apple pie and coffee.
A: That is pretty good lunch,but you like iced coffee?
B: I have never tasted it, I thought it was iced tea.
A: Look here on our table we have ketchup pepper, mustard mayonnaise, and vinegar if wewant them to season our food.
B: I am a LATIN AMERICAN, but I don’t put so many condiments in my food. Please pass the salt and sugar.
A: Sure. Hand me a napkin, please.
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